Chris Lindeboom
Chris LindeboomManaging Director
As a former citizen of Zwolle, Lumen Hotel & Events feels like home to me. The stadium is the lively centre of a growing region and it is fantastic to play a central role in this. Courtesy before efficiency is one of my mottos – guests come first.

“Courtesy before efficiency.”

Patrick Bruins
Patrick BruinsFinancial Director
After 7 years in Zwolle, I have found my place in this appealing city, with Lumen taking centre stage. Zwolle has an appealing network and it is great to do business here. I can apply my 30 years of experience in the hospitality industry very well at Lumen Hotel & Events.

“It just needs to be right, and that’s the case here.”

Myriam Huis in ‘t Veld
Myriam Huis in ‘t VeldHotel Manager
I started in the hospitality services at a busy campsite and I didn’t want to leave the hospitality industry ever since. I began with secondary hotel school, followed by higher hotel school, with the ambition of becoming a Hotel Manager someday. Four years ago, this dream came true in this amazing, growing business. Hospitality is one of my most important core values, with the goal to give our guests the sense that they are more than welcome and most appreciated.

“Be the reason someone smiles today.”

Ron Akkermans
Ron AkkermansOperational Manager
Since my hospitality educational program in Zwolle, I have never been able to fully let go of the city. I gained a lot of experience in several businesses in and around Zwolle. Lumen Hotel & Events is a special place to work, although it never even feels like work. My work is diverse and always full of new challenges. I always say we’re as flexible as ‘Barbapapa’. We really are. The possibilities here are endless.

“The future always begins now.”

Fieke Hulshof
Fieke HulshofController
I graduated from The Hague University, and with years of experience as an independent entrepreneur in the hotel sector in Twente, I have hospitality in my genes. I feel at home in Lumen’s dynamic environment, where sports, events and hotel come together. We offer custom service and my creativity and need for a challenge is satisfied here.

“I am counting on you!”

Jaap Zijffers
Jaap ZijffersSales Manager
I started as a dishwasher and worked for several hospitality businesses in Zwolle and the Hotelschool Leeuwarden. After this, I gained a lot of experience in hospitality-related organisations and got infected with the hospitality virus. Lumen Hotel & Events is an amazing place to use my experience and to commit myself to make our business even better!

“Hospitality is priceless but it doesn’t cost a thing.”

Sylvia Oosterloo
Sylvia OosterlooBanquet Sales Manager
After a traineeship in the event sector, I came to Lumen Hotel & Events. This is where I really got to know the hotel & hospitality world and I have now been working in the same since 2013. I really feel at home here! Setting up a small meeting or big event from start to finish with our guests is the most amazing thing in the world! Every meeting is different and every guest has different wishes, but I always have the same goal; advise, think along and surprise!

“Service is giving, hospitality is experiencing.”

Bastiaan Pruijssen
Bastiaan PruijssenChef
I began cooking in 1994 and gained experience in several culinary and award-winning restaurants since then. Since 2015, I’ve been one of the driving forces behind the kitchen of Bluefinger Restaurant and Lumen Events. I love contemporary, artisan cooking with pure, honest and fresh ingredients. Dining with us has to be an evening of culinary enjoyment.

“The flavour needs to be right.”

Rik Voortman
Rik VoortmanRestaurant Manager Bluefinger Restaurant & Lounge
Treating our guests every day and actually seeing their enjoyment gives me an amazing feeling. Armed with extensive knowledge of dishes and wines, I hope to offer every guest an amazing experience. A dinner at the Bluefinger Restaurant needs to be a party!

“Passion for hospitality – that’s what it’s all about.”

Jordi Knopert
Jordi KnopertEvent Manager
With 5 years of experience in this amazing organisation in the sportive heart of the Zwolle region, I enjoy having our guests experience the ‘wow’ feeling every day. We listen to our guests and we take nothing for granted. The guests come first and their experience is most important.

“I prefer to see problems as opportunities!””

Astrid Schuurman
Astrid SchuurmanFront Office Manager
Wow, a new hotel in Zwolle. These where my thought in April 2011! After finishing my studies in Hotel and Event Management and experience in the hotel sector, I was ready for an interesting challenge. Together with my team, we ensure the guest’s first impression is perfect, we want to exceed expectations and make sure that everything is fully taken care of. Our goal is to see every guest with a smile on their face!

“Hospitality is making your guests feel at home, even if you wish they were.”

Gerika Lubbinge
Gerika LubbingeSales Coördinator
After a traineeship in 2014/2015 via the educational program International Tourism Management, I have been back at my ‘learning school’ since May 2016. Since then I represent this company with much enthusiasm and drive. I am looking forward to getting everyone acquainted with Lumen Hotel & Events. Lumen has all the facets to make every stay and event a success!

“Real attention is being heard, seen and appreciated.”

Paula Wiersma
Paula WiersmaBanquet Sales
I’m a real Zwolle native with years of experience at several catering businesses in Zwolle. I still benefit from this experiences every day. Hospitality is my most important motto. Preferably, I would love to give everyone a tour at our amazing company. Seeing sells, that is especially true for Lumen Hotel & Events! With an eye for detail, I make sure that every meeting, convention or party is a success.

“Hospitality is: recognising, empathising and understanding!”

Laura Ter Horst
Laura Ter HorstBanquet Sales
After I finished the educational program Tourism, I welcomed Lumen guests as a receptionist for 3 years where I was able to contribute to a pleasant stay. I like to deliver a tailor made en personal product. Who is the guest, what is their wish, and how can we make it reality. Whether it’s lunch, dinner, an overnight stay or an event Lumen Hotel & Event loves to make it possible!

“How you experience it, is how you remember it”

Patrick van der Spek
Patrick van der SpekSous-chef
For me, working in the kitchen means being passionate about cooking and different flavours. Sharing your knowledge and experience, being willing to work hard and to invest in yourself. Creating new dishes, in which flavour is always the most important thing.

“The secret of getting ahead is that you need to start.”

Albert Smit
Albert SmitSous-chef
I started working in the kitchen in 1990. During my studies, I gained knowledge and experience at several catering businesses in and around Zwolle. I’ve been at Lumen and the Bluefinger Restaurant since 2017 and am perfectly happy here. As a cook I like working with what the season has to offer and love to be creative with this.

“”The seasons need to be found on the plate.” “