Lumen Hotel & EventsĀ is a complete location in the Zwolle region. Lumen Hotel’s directors, Chris Lindeboom and Patrick Buins, established the hotel in 2006. Not much later, the event centre, business club, skyboxes and public rooms of PEC Zwolle were constructed, adding an inspiring environment for creating a special experiences and events.

At Lumen, we receive guests for a business night, a relaxed weekend, a company training, a multi-day conference, a day meeting, a wedding party, a quick lunch, a culinary evening, a cup of coffee in the lounge, for a flexible workspace or during a home game of PEC Zwolle in the Business spaces or at cateringpoint in the MAC3PARK Stadium. No matter the cause or reason for the visit, we want our guest to experience our special brand of hospitality.

Lumen Hotel

Our 4-star hotel with 125 rooms, impressive Atrium and spacious Bluefinger Lounge which is the entrance to Lumen Hotel & Events. As the hotel manager, Myriam Deelen is the face of the Hotel.

Lumen Events

With 28 different rooms, the Central Square with a capacity of up to 1,750 guests, meeting rooms with a view of PEC Zwolle’s football pitch and our extremely experienced team, we receive our guest in a dynamic environment every day. While Ron Akkermans is responsible for all operational matters, Sylvia Oosterloo, Paula Wiersma an Laura ter Horst are your contact persons for your meeting or event.

Bluefinger Restaurant

At Lumen Hotel & Events, we are incredibly glad to have the valuable addition of Bluefinger Restaurant. During the day, our hotel guests have access to the extensive breakfast buffet and a varied afternoon lunch buffet or lunch menu if so desired. In the evening, we serve a varied Chef’s menu in addition to the standard menu. Bastiaan Pruijssen has been our chef since 2015. Restaurant Manager Rik Voortman is responsible for the restaurant staff.

The Location for you!

‘At Lumen, everything is about you as a guest. It’s not about feeling welcome, but being welcome. I want our guest to be more than satisfied’. All activities offered by Lumen Hotel & Events come together with Jaap Zijffers, who focusses on the further expansion of our relations. ‘Lumen can provide a comfortable bed for our guests or be the location where a business hosts an event. For us, the challenge is to offer every guest an amazing stay with the same attention’.


Ronald McDonald